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What we do in mobile app development.

We are experts in designing mobile apps and mobile application development. The consolidation of Smartphone’s and tablets as a means of access to digital content has fostered a new market full of opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs. These new media require a methodical and meticulous work design, which is necessary to internalize the cognitive processes of users and their mental models to new paradigms of interaction. We specialize in analyzing your needs and propose an implementation strategy, design user experience for mobile devices and the development of mobile apps for any tablet and Smartphone device. Since moving websites or mobile applications, games, productivity apps, to develop mobile applications to consolidate new business models loaded with innovation. We develop native mobile applications for iPhone and iPad on operating systems iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. If you need a multiplatform app on HTML5 and Javascript (Webapp) we are also your team mobile application development. Besides the design and development we will take care of managing the rise and publish it on the Appstore, Google Play and Windows Store, and, if needed, we will design a strategy for online marketing to publicize your app to potential users and to succeed in the app store.

Why does my business need an App?

First of all, mobile applications are a good channel of communication between companies and their customers can access company information quickly and from anywhere, becoming a perfect promotional and marketing. It is shown that through a mobile application is achieved boost sales because they are a good showcase for the brand.
Applications allow the extension of the enterprises to the field "mobile" are generally easy to use off the web adapted for mobile and allow the use of the functionality of the device such as GPS, camera, NFC, etc. as well as getting highlight and reach users that the competition cannot reach, offering loyalty strategies.

Examples of mobile applications

Promotional: discount coupons, promotional events, competitions, trade points and gifts. See example mobile application loyalty.
Business directory: mobile application that contains a directory of outlets of the company and shows the way to them; exclusive offers reports based on customer location, offers customers firsts and encourages interaction through Twitter and Facebook
Online Store: mobile application that provides access to the online catalog of a company, making the whole buying process, consulting reviews from other customers and managing the shipping address.
Quiz games: games are the most downloaded type of application. Entertains customers and may happy them. See example mobile quiz.

Mobile application is a game whose plot or characters are linked to a company: game linked to the brand logo, products, an employee of relevance, a character known by advertising with link to the brand etc.

Augmented Reality: through augmented reality can even provide a picture of how it will use the product: how it be a garment of the online store on a photo or a piece of furniture in the living room; overlay information also shows images from the camera to allow orientation in the city or discover offers shops around.
Tourist guide: interactive map of the city, able to show the location and go to a specific point, with videos explaining the main points of interest, booking accommodation online, see offers restoration and even a game of tennis with QR codes hidden by the tourist itinerary suggested. See example mobile tourism application.
Events: guides to attend events with information like travel and lodging, schedules, documents, call and chat forums, etc. See example mobile application for conferences.